Craig Joe Lehr
Property Manager
License: A12365

Without Using Search Engines

Here are the facts. Email continues to provide the highest ROI (Return on Investment) and the broadest reach of any marketing channel. A study from the Direct Marketing Association revealed that businesses earn an average of $43.00 for every $1.00 invested in email marketing. That is a whopping 4,300% ROI and it beats every single advertising channel including social media, search engine optimization and direct mail. A comparison between email marketing and Facebook points out the vast difference in reach. A whopping 90% of email gets delivered, but only 2% of your Facebook fans will ever see your message.

Of course it was no wonder that search engines had and still have such appeal. The process is almost magical. Slap together a website, maybe do a little SEO and viola, leads and sales come pouring in. When that didnt happen, along came Facebook with its magical appeal. Tell all your friends on Facebook that you sell real estate and prepare for the onslaught. Gee, that doesn't work all that well either. Maybe Pay-per-Click is the answer. It might be, but its going to cost you.

I work with real estate agents and brokers who want help with their Internet marketing including Web design, programming and consultation services. The only marketing I have ever done to promote my business is email marketing. That's right! And it has kept me going for over thirty years. I have designed and programmed hundreds of real estate website. Using advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I have gotten many, many clients top search engine placement for their keyword phrases and yes, they did get a lot of business because of it. But those days are over.

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